For Students - Seize the Year Gap year Planning

Questions you may have...

Yes, absolutely. Many students are opting to take a year off even if they have been accepted to college. In fact, research shows that students who have taken a Gap Year are often more prepared for the rigors of college life.
A Gap Year will offer you an opportunity to gain a better sense of yourself and the world. Whether you travel abroad, intern, volunteer, work or study,  you will become more independent and develop skills and focus through real life experience that can ensure you will be better prepared for college.
It is not necessary to be accepted at a college to take a Gap Year. In fact, many students may feel they need a break after high school and/or have not yet decided where they want to go to college. A Gap Year experience could help identify and clarify an area of interest a student will want to pursue during college.
Research shows that students who have opted to take a structured Gap Year program can be more prepared and focused for college work and life. While each student is different, having time away to see another aspect of life often helps to put goals in perspective. Taking time to pause and reflect on the possibilities available often has its advantages.
Research shows that most students who do a Gap Year during college are more motivated to return to college. While each student is different, taking time away from what you know can expose you to more possibilities. The Gap Year experience can focus your interests and these interests can determine what you will study.
The cost of your Gap Year will depend on what you elect to do. For example, students who choose to live at home and intern, volunteer or work will develop a different budget then those who choose to participate in travel programs. Travel programs, particularly those that give college credit, will include additional costs such as travel, food, gifts, internet expenses, etc.
Many students experience loneliness and homesickness, especially those who are away from home for the first time. Any transition from what you know to what you don’t know will be a challenge. By researching and choosing the right program it is possible that you will not become lonely or homesick. If you do, StY encourages you to talk with your program leader about your feelings and experiences. If after a short period of time, you still want to leave your program, it is your prerogative to do so. In most cases, there will be financial consequences and we encourage you to educate yourself about these when selecting your Gap Year program(s).