Gap Year Options






Gap Year Options

Seize the Year has identified programs that are clearly articulated and structured and  provide the opportunity to travel, intern, volunteer, work and study. We look for programs that emphasize experiential learning with key curricular components and values including:

  • Engagement with the global community
  • A structured level of inquiry
  • A commitment to enhancing social skills and responsibility
  • Facilitation of the on-going development of executive functioning skills
  • Self-reflection. We like for example, when a program encourages journaling


Almost all students consider traveling during part of the Gap Year. We encourage students to identify programs with clearly articulated goals and that specifically outline what a student will do during the day, weeks and months of their journeys.


Usually, when interning you will work as an apprentice or trainee in an occupation or profession to gain practical experience, and sometimes to satisfy legal requirements for being licensed or accepted professionally.


When volunteering you will perform a service willingly and without pay. Many volunteer experiences allow a student to contribute to their community in meaningful ways.


When working, you will contribute to an organization or business.  You go to the place of employment as part of your job, one that you are paid to do.


Most students associate studying with coursework in high school or college. We encourage students to consider studying if they are interested in applying themselves to gain knowledge by the investigation or practice to think deeply about a topic of interest. Students deferring from a college should always review any study plans with their college admissions office before they begin coursework.